Friday, December 13, 2013

My cousin’s uncle’s brother…..

My cousin’s uncle’s brother…..

If I have heard it once, I have heard it a million times, my brother’s cousin’s uncle takes pictures, and he will do it for FREE.  My response, as politely as possible….you get what you pay for, now let’s check back to reality and consider hiring a professional.  We understand budgets; we understand keeping family peace when the brothers’ cousin’s uncle offers his services, for free. At the end of all the planning, all of the details, all of the hard work, what are you left with to remember the happiest day of your life? Photos! Professional photographers capture these moments. These are moments you will reflect on many years from now reminding you of the love you cherish, as you run around after your screaming children, while irritated by your husband, who has forgotten to take the trash out, and dealing with a mother-in-law who insists on critiquing every aspect of how you handle your life!  You will need these heartfelt images of your wedding day as a reminder, the chaos is all worth it, trust me. 
We regularly lean on a couple of rock stars, aka Cassie Leigh Photography. While we love these two, more importantly they have educated us, as planners, of the value of professional photography. We rock at creating timelines, logistics, design and vendor relations….not lighting, focus, or how to wrangle the two year old for the family photo….we leave that to the professionals and so should you!



Photography will be a large part of your budget, as it should be.  It is the one thing you will take away from the day.  Useful Tips….Photographers have different packages to fit within your budget, make sure you ask for pricing based on your needs.  Bridal portraits are fairly standard here in the South, but you may not want them, ask to replace with engagement photos.  Make sure that you truly bond with your photographer; you will have to ensure a level of trust to make sure you get the best possible images.  Last but not least… takes more than ONE photographer to shoot a wedding!  Make sure there is a second shooter for the big day!!! 

So bypass your cousin’s uncle’s brother….hire a professional, a lifetime of memories investment.

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