Thursday, December 12, 2013

Back to Life, Back to Reality

As wedding planners, it is our job to ensure that you stay on budget.  At our first meeting we will ask, What’s your budget?  Why you ask?  If it is $5,000 or $50,000, it is our job to MAKE IT WORK.  We don’t ask because we only want big budget weddings , please don’t be mistaken; those are lovely, but not necessarily challenging for us.  We ask to implement the “how” factor, how are we going to help YOU make this day happen.  Now let’s be realistic here, there are no open bars on a $5,000 budget, we aren’t miracle workers,  but we can rock a 50 guest wedding without a bar on 5 G’s in our sleep, that is our job and we are pretty darn good at it!
Invitation Images by Cassie Leigh Photography
Being honest about your budget is critical to the process, it is reality.  A good wedding planner will connect you to the right vendors that fit your budget and personality.  Our favorite stationery vendor is Sweetest Beginnings, yes, we have our favorites; just like teachers, they won’t admit it, but they do. These folks have our back, if something goes wrong; they fix it, before you even know it was an issue. (You will hear more about these great folks in further blogs, stayed tuned!)  Before we introduce you to Susan, the owner, we go over budget, concept, color, etc.  Susan is great about preparing for the meeting, based on the information we provided, allowing you to view her custom invitations, in your price point!  We will not leave her fabulous studio with you falling in love with the latest and greatest pocket, fold out, foil stationery that is $3 per an invitation over budget! At 200 invites, that is $600, plus tax, plus stamps…these are the extras that get lost in wedding budget world!

So moral of the story….when we ask, What’s your budget?  It is not to make more money; it is to make sure you live in the world of reality!  We want to make the process fun, streamlined and painless.  We will introduce you to vendors that will work within YOUR budget and personality! 

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