Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It is never too early to start planning!

Yes, it is 100 degrees outside, but that doesn't mean the holiday season won't sneak up on us soon! What better way to celebrate employee loyalty and dedication than a holiday celebration? While the recent economy has taken it's toll on all of us, many companies are opting to celebrate by hosting an employee appreciation event during the holiday season. Maintaining employee morale during these times is even more important. This year, leave your party planning to the experts, EvanScout. We are a full service event planning company, from large scale events to intimate affairs we can take the worry out of creating the perfect event! We understand that time is precious and you should be focusing on growing your business! While you do what you do best, we handle the details of celebrating your success! With the holidays right around the corner, let us scout the best venue to celebrate your successes. Call us today for a free consulation with one of our professional event planners! We save you time and money!
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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wedding Gown Shopping Tips

Budget Awareness
A wedding gown budget should not only include the gown itself, but the veil or head piece, your shoes, lingerie, and jewelry. When considering your wedding gown budget, also make sure to factor in the cost of alterations, which most gowns need. Once you’ve decided on a budget, make sure that it has some breathing space or budgeting room so that you won’t feel obligated to that one price. Say to yourself, “I want a gown between this price and that price.” This will allow you more shopping leverage when looking for that perfect gown.

Week Shopping
Life is hectic especially when you throw a wedding into the mix. However the best time to shop is during the week days. You will receive more of a salesperson’s time and attention on a week day than on a busy Saturday! So take time off during the week to begin your bridal hunt.

Less is More
When heading into an appointment for bridal gown shopping, many brides make the mistake of bringing a large group of family and friends with them.  This large group means many opinions and a lot of confusion. Many brides become frustrated and bewildered when trying to take in every opinion in the group. It is best to have a select few, such as a parent and the maid of honor, join them during the appointment. Also don’t be afraid to come in by yourself first and then come back with family. This way you get to see the dresses first and have your own idea of what you want.

Be Open Minded
Gowns are meant to look gorgeous in magazines but don’t let that fool you. Certain gowns look good on different figures and may not fit you as you thought they would. Also make sure that you don’t pass over a dress just because of how it looks on the hanger. Keep an open mind on your choices and use the salesperson’s knowledge to your advantage. They have seen many different shaped women come in and out of their shop and know what will flatter your certain body type. You may find a dress that you never thought to try on.

Going with your Garments
Bridal boutiques strongly suggest coming in with the undergarments you plan to wear the day of your big day. You’re not going to wear that bright pink strapped bra under your strapless wedding gown now are you? Also wearing undergarments in a tone close to your skin color will give you less chance of having them be seen through your dress. Wearing your hair up with limited makeup will also help you during your shopping experience. This will bring about fewer distractions from the gowns.

Consultant Advice
Consultants know what they’re talking about so use them to your advantage. If a salesperson brings you something they say you MUST try- try it, even if you loathe the way it looks on the hanger. Most brides end up going crazy for a gown that was selected by the salesperson. Keep in mind that with most bridal boutiques, you get some consultation for free. Take advantage of the advice you receive.

Finding the One
Once you’ve decided on a gown check over your budget and your needs once more. Is this how you pictured yourself looking as a bride? Can you really see yourself walking down the aisle draped in this gown? If not, take it off and move on. If you have to be constantly reassured by others that this gown is your gown, it’s probably not. If you don’t want to take that sample gown off and you can’t see yourself without it, then this gown most likely is the one you have been looking for.

Size Matter
The store will take your measurements once you have decided: bust, waist, and hips. Each manufacturer has its own measurement chart, and this is what the store will use to determine your size. A knowledgeable store will know how a particular designer's gowns are supposed to fit. One thing to remember, many designer sizes fit small so a bride who wears a size 8 regularly will need a size 12. Don’t let these sizes discourage you while you are shopping.

Time Restraints
Depending on what date your wedding date falls on may determine whether your gown needs to be rushed. Some gowns take four weeks to come in and others six months. So if your wedding is in four months and your gown will come in at five months a rush would be needed in order to secure enough time to alter and check the gown for issues. Many gown companies charge for rushes so be aware of that cost in your budget is necessary.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Romance, Romance, Romance!

Romance, Romance, Romance!
This fall the romance continues, bringing a mix of old and new, timeless with a hit of glitz and glamour.   From lace to tulle, you’ll want these looks!
Thank you Princess Kate!  Lace wedding dresses or wedding dresses with lace overlays are all the buzz for Fall 2011 weddings.  With lace on your wedding gown you can have a chic, modern dress with a traditional touch.
Sweetheart Necklines
Sweethearts are back and of course the optimal choice for the more bottom heavy among us. Whether you choose a strapless or strapped version, a sweetheart neckline will guarantee that all eyes will be on your glowing face.
Texture, Texture and more Texture
Tulle, lace, layers, ruffles and flowers are all ways designers are bringing texture to the extreme!  These dresses provide a three dimensional look, wowing all your guests!