Wednesday, December 25, 2013

OMG I’m getting MARRIED!!!!

He put a ring on it and here come the questions….

When’s the wedding date?

Where are you going to get married?

What are your colors?

LET ME BREATHE!!!!!!  That is what you want to scream from the top of your lungs!  Stop, but don’t drop or roll.  Before the anxiety attack sets in because you have been engaged five minutes and the whole event is not planned, step back, relax and enjoy the moment.  Setting boundaries from the very beginning of your engagement will benefit everyone and most importantly will help you maintain sanity. 

Helpful responses to the wedding planning pressure…

We are taking our time, enjoying the moment; we haven’t even started the planning process. (If they give you a look of panic, just giggle inside!)

We want to keep all our options open and not make quick decisions. 

With a confident shrug, you know what? I am enjoying the engagement, this fabulous ring and my fiancée!

Check out my Pinterest wedding board!  (My favorite, their opinions on their time!)

We are putting all our options together, working with a great planner to ensure a fabulous wedding, got this under control! (Nothing like a little self promotion…

Feeling a little cheeky…..really get them going…We are running off to get married, you’ll be the first to see the pics!

Remember, this is YOUR engagement, YOUR wedding, don’t let the outside pressures take away from the significance of the moment.  You are marrying the love of your life, this is not about colors, or venues, or food. 

Set boundaries from the beginning and you will be guaranteed less stress!
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Monday, December 16, 2013

Bridesmaids....not your minions

Not your minions….

Public service announcement to all brides….your bridesmaid’s have a life!  Before you so graciously asked these kind women to stand before your friends and family to confirm your marriage, they were busy being students, Moms, sisters, employees, well, you get the point.  So while certain duties are expected of a bridesmaid, they did not sign up for servant responsibilities over the course of your wedding planning.

We’ve all heard the horror stories, required weight loss, demanding emails, expensive gowns….on and on and on.  One bride took these expectations to a new level in this must read article, while comical, I am confident she meant business; remember these women are your friends, not your minions!

Want to be the best bride ever?  Follow these simple rules!

1.      You choose the color….let them choose the style! Some of our favorites for this.  J Crew and Two Birds

2.      Offer to pay for hair and makeup on the big day! 

3.      Be clear and kind about their responsibilities and expectations!

4.      Limit your DIY needs!  One or two items are fine, but every aspect of the wedding will quickly cause bridesmaid burnout.

5.      Be respectful of time; remember they are still living their life!

6.     Be thankful, saying thank you along the way will show how grateful you are for their friendship and dedication to your big day!


Remember long after your wedding day, these women will be your friends and sometimes family!  Treat them with kindness and respect and they will help you create the wedding of your dreams!



Friday, December 13, 2013

My cousin’s uncle’s brother…..

My cousin’s uncle’s brother…..

If I have heard it once, I have heard it a million times, my brother’s cousin’s uncle takes pictures, and he will do it for FREE.  My response, as politely as possible….you get what you pay for, now let’s check back to reality and consider hiring a professional.  We understand budgets; we understand keeping family peace when the brothers’ cousin’s uncle offers his services, for free. At the end of all the planning, all of the details, all of the hard work, what are you left with to remember the happiest day of your life? Photos! Professional photographers capture these moments. These are moments you will reflect on many years from now reminding you of the love you cherish, as you run around after your screaming children, while irritated by your husband, who has forgotten to take the trash out, and dealing with a mother-in-law who insists on critiquing every aspect of how you handle your life!  You will need these heartfelt images of your wedding day as a reminder, the chaos is all worth it, trust me. 
We regularly lean on a couple of rock stars, aka Cassie Leigh Photography. While we love these two, more importantly they have educated us, as planners, of the value of professional photography. We rock at creating timelines, logistics, design and vendor relations….not lighting, focus, or how to wrangle the two year old for the family photo….we leave that to the professionals and so should you!



Photography will be a large part of your budget, as it should be.  It is the one thing you will take away from the day.  Useful Tips….Photographers have different packages to fit within your budget, make sure you ask for pricing based on your needs.  Bridal portraits are fairly standard here in the South, but you may not want them, ask to replace with engagement photos.  Make sure that you truly bond with your photographer; you will have to ensure a level of trust to make sure you get the best possible images.  Last but not least… takes more than ONE photographer to shoot a wedding!  Make sure there is a second shooter for the big day!!! 

So bypass your cousin’s uncle’s brother….hire a professional, a lifetime of memories investment.

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Back to Life, Back to Reality

As wedding planners, it is our job to ensure that you stay on budget.  At our first meeting we will ask, What’s your budget?  Why you ask?  If it is $5,000 or $50,000, it is our job to MAKE IT WORK.  We don’t ask because we only want big budget weddings , please don’t be mistaken; those are lovely, but not necessarily challenging for us.  We ask to implement the “how” factor, how are we going to help YOU make this day happen.  Now let’s be realistic here, there are no open bars on a $5,000 budget, we aren’t miracle workers,  but we can rock a 50 guest wedding without a bar on 5 G’s in our sleep, that is our job and we are pretty darn good at it!
Invitation Images by Cassie Leigh Photography
Being honest about your budget is critical to the process, it is reality.  A good wedding planner will connect you to the right vendors that fit your budget and personality.  Our favorite stationery vendor is Sweetest Beginnings, yes, we have our favorites; just like teachers, they won’t admit it, but they do. These folks have our back, if something goes wrong; they fix it, before you even know it was an issue. (You will hear more about these great folks in further blogs, stayed tuned!)  Before we introduce you to Susan, the owner, we go over budget, concept, color, etc.  Susan is great about preparing for the meeting, based on the information we provided, allowing you to view her custom invitations, in your price point!  We will not leave her fabulous studio with you falling in love with the latest and greatest pocket, fold out, foil stationery that is $3 per an invitation over budget! At 200 invites, that is $600, plus tax, plus stamps…these are the extras that get lost in wedding budget world!

So moral of the story….when we ask, What’s your budget?  It is not to make more money; it is to make sure you live in the world of reality!  We want to make the process fun, streamlined and painless.  We will introduce you to vendors that will work within YOUR budget and personality! 

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Touch of Elegance: Holiday Decor

     From centerpieces to bouquets, there are many ways to integrate the holidays into your wedding celebrations. I love the idea of blending the natural warmth that the wintery months bring, with the elegance of traditional wedding décor. There is something romantic and dreamy about it! To create a softness and gracefulness, I decided to go with a color palette of white, ivory, and chocolate brown as base colors and then add accents of lavender or shades of soft green.

     With shabby chic already in vogue, the addition of wintery textures such as bay leaves, branches, and seasonal blooms to white roses can give your centerpiece or bouquet that rustic feel while keeping it classy at the same time. I love the idea of adding wintery treats such as a hot chocolate bar — both affordable and tasty! When it comes to favors, there are many options. My favorite two that I found are photographed below. I absolutely fell in love with the idea of a blanket or scarf with the inscription “Love keeps us warm” on the tag! Pinecones also make adorable favors, and can be do-it-yourself at the same time.

     Below are some more photos of my favorite wintery wedding decorations that are affordable, easy to do, and add just a subtle hint of holiday magic to your special day!