Friday, August 30, 2013

Party Fun for Birthday #1!

First birthday's are becoming more and more important and this one was definitely a night to remember! For Dean's first birthday we transformed the backyard into this beautiful dining area! We coordinated with Classic Party Rentals to get the round tables, table linens, and chairs for us! The hydrangeas and vases were done by Poppies which make the blue and green theme really pop off the tables! 

Best Impressions out of Charlotte, NC provided some amazingly delicious food! Anything that you could've thought to have at a party was there! Chicken tenders, grilled cheese sandwiches, BBQ on a biscuit, cucumber and tomato salad, fruit skewers with melted chocolate, hamburger sliders, and homestyle macaroni and cheese! It was truly elegant taste with such simple dishes! 

This cake is obviously for ONLY Dean! This "smash the cake" cake was designed by Desserts by Dawn. In keeping with the blue and green theme, she used different blues and a pastel green to compliment one another! Doesn't this look yummy! Mmmmh Mmh!

Smash It!!!!! 

A candy buffet from Sugar Pops is always a great idea! Featured in this particular buffet was sour belts, gum balls, rock candy, m&ms, and jelly beans! All the candies stayed color coated blue and green as well! The cupcakes and cake pops were done by the amazing Dawn from Desserts by Dawn! 

This is just another shot of the candy buffet! This is a little closer so you can see what it REALLY looks like! So yummy! 

At the end of the night we collected some of the nights fun, but didn't know they would all be kind of intricate and crazy! You haven't seen some of these before! Twisted Dog Productions provided a balloon artist and a face painter! What you see here are an elephant, teddy bear, a turtle, a pegasus unicorn, and a fairy sitting on a mushroom all made of balloons! For some of the children he made cows, monkeys holding bananas, chainsaws, butterflies, ducks, motorcycles, and even a hermit crab! Professor Twist and Myka Angelo are pictured below! 

At the end of the night, the happiness of our client and the party guests were our main concern and we succeeded! Everyone enjoyed themselves and had a nice relaxing evening with family and friends! 

Friday, August 23, 2013

A Wedding Fairytale: Joy+Amber Photography

The Sanders/Tate wedding was a beautiful all white affair. The accented color was purple, so purple flowers were used to really make the color pop off the imprinted white linens covering all the tables with delicate powder purple napkins at each setting. 

This picture is so beautiful! The purple and white flowers surrounding the rings really give off the color theme of this wedding. Poppies Floral Designs did a wonderful job with all the flower arrangements for this wedding! 

For their candy buffet we worked with Sugar Pops out of Mooresville, NC! Using jellybeans, rock candy, gummy bears, and more, they put together a lovely color coordinated candy buffet that was pleasing to every type of candy lover! 

We organized a clean cut escort card table with a specific name card for each guest with just enough flair to match the rest of the decor for the reception. 

Custom monogrammed champagne flutes to toast to the beautiful bride and groom and their fairytale wedding! 

This awesome football jersey cake design was done by Desserts by Dawn! This was a custom designed cake for our professional football player grooms cake! The jersey's have Tate for both names and the wedding date in the numbers! How cute?! The best part was actually the chocolate filling! Yum! 

Flower petals lined the aisle on both sides for our brides grand entrance! 

Wedding Consultant Stephanie helped pin the boutonniere on the father of the groom. We do most of the pinning for the groomsmen and fathers, because if not us who would?! 

All that matters is the moment when the stunningly beautiful bride comes walking down the aisle with her father and brother at her side. It was a breath taking moment and Joy+Amber captured it perfectly!

The bridesmaids were gorgeous in these powder purple dresses! The darker purple petals in their bouquets make the color stand out beautifully! 

The coolest thing about this wedding was the butterfly release! A live butterfly was released by every guest at the end of the ceremony symbolizing Brittney & Brandon's new beginning together! Such a cool and unique way to start their life as husband and wife! 

This particular butterfly took a liking to Brittney! We carefully took this butterfly out of it's package and put it on the bouquet so she could get some really great pictures! This shot is perfect for a wonderful memory of her wedding and the pretty butterflies! 

Joy+Amber used the natural lighting in this room to create a casual elegant setting. This couple is really shown in their element as both look relaxed and poised in front of the camera! 

Virtual Sounds did a wonderful job creating a personalized picture slide show on crisp HD TVs with amazing sound and lighting for the newlyweds entrance! 

The purple up lighting was done by Virtual Sounds which really set the mood for that first dance! These DJs really know how to make your reception a party! They make sure your guests are up and moving by teaching new line dances and sometimes even joining in! 

This beautiful and clean cut designed cake was a great accent and kept the theme of purple and scattered butterflies! 

Let's Make A Toast! 

We must all remember that after all of the planning, flowers, cake, and dancing the best moment at a wedding is when the bride and groom share a genuine heart-felt kiss and express their love to share in each others lives. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Tate! 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Nobody Wants Chapstick With Your NAME ON IT!..... Or do they???

Favors Your Guests will ACTUALLY Appreciate and Use

 The answer, truthfully, is no. They don't really want anything with your name on it. It might just end up in a kitchen drawer or the trash...Wedding favors should be something fun and easy to pick out! They should represent your thanks to family and friends who shared your special day by your side. Unfortunately, couples spend lots of money on things that people don’t even realize are meant to be favors or something they don’t even want. There are plenty of different ideas for favors that can stay true to you that your guests will also enjoy!

Little edible favors are always a big hit for any wedding! One of the more popular edible ideas is a candy buffet. Getting a variety of different candies in your wedding colors is a fun way to say, “I hope you had a sweet time celebrating with us!” This is a good idea for the adults AND children in attendance! Keeping in with the food idea we have also seen S’mores Kits, a Hot Chocolate Bar, and full candy bars!
            Going Green is still a huge trend not only in everyday life but in weddings as well. Everyone loves beautiful flowers and giving a flower seed as a favor is something very unique. The most popular seed to give is for the “Forget Me Not” flower. Most couples want their guests to plant this and watch it grow with fond memories of their wedding day.

Sometimes a tangible favor just isn’t going to work. You still want to show your guests that you are thankful for their participation in the biggest day of your life so what do you do then? This option is a little more expensive but it’s all for a good cause. The newest trend in wedding favors is giving a donation to a charity of your choice in the name of your guests. This is a great way to show your guests that you appreciate them while still making a difference to a greater cause!

            There are times at a reception and sometimes a ceremony where your favor could be something necessary for your guests to have. Some couples having outdoor weddings will give sunglasses as favors so that the guests will actually be able to see the ceremony without squinting or shading with their hands. Others have given flip flops out before the reception so everyone can take off those uncomfortable pumps and dance the night away.