Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5.5.12 The Wedding of Melinda and Will

After months of hard work, laughter, smiles, and planning, on May 5, 2012, our bride Melinda, was married to the love of her life,  Will. This was a FUN wedding! The bride and groom were a joy to work with and their friends and family members' bright personalities and laughter made for a wonderfully memorable event.

The Concept

The combination of Melinda's ideas and event planning and coordination by EvanGrace Event Planning created a wonderful vision for the wedding. Melinda's colors were magenta and lime green, accented with pale pink and black and white damask. Bridesmaids wore dresses in lime green with a black sash at the waist and carried bouquets of pale pink hydrangea wrapped in black satin ribbon. The lime green was prevalent in the reception centerpieces with real lime slices in cube vases with pink hydrangea.

Hair and make-up were done by the wonderful Crystal, a close friend of the bride who helped with the planning and anything else that needed to be done all along the way. One of our favorite moments of the Rehearsal Dinner was when Melinda presented her bridal party with gifts, including a trip to the Aquarium for Crystal, who with teary eyes, was SO excited and shouted "WE'RE GOING TO THE AQUARIUM!?" Below are some photographs of Melinda with all of her bridesmaids getting ready for the day.

The Rehearsal

The rehearsal dinner took place at the American Legion in Granite Quarry, NC. Guests enjoyed a buffet of Mexican food but the real hit of the party was the groom's cake. Melinda had this cake planned months before the wedding, knowing this was  her fiance's favorite drink and that he would love it as a groom's cake. The best part is it was a big surprise for groom Will to be greeted by this one-of-a-kind desert upon entering the dinner!

That's right, this is a CAKE, not a bottle of beer!  Dawn at Deserts by Dawn did such a fabulous job on this cake and the inside, with a moist chocolate cake and creamy chocolate icing, tasted just as good as the outside looked. I don't think this cake will ever be forgotten by Will or any of the amazed guests at the dinner.

The Ceremony

The ceremony took place at a small church in Salisbury, NC, which proved to be a classic and charming backdrop for the beautiful bride and her groom to say "I do".

The Reception

Melinda and Will chose such a unique venue for their reception, the Rowan Museum. All of our vendors worked so hard to make this a special night for the bride and groom. We think all that hard work paid off because the reception was a total success from the energetic DJ stylngs of Adam from Charlotte DJ, to the delicious dinner by Doughgirls Catering, to the stunning table centerpieces from Poppies Floral Design.


To give their guest a personal and memorable favor, Melinda and will gave out personalized M&M candies. The candies were printed with either the couple's first names, the date of the wedding, or a photo of Melinda and Will. They chose magenta M&M's to go along with their wedding decor.

All of these gorgeous photos, with the exception of the groom's cake, are by April Lambert Photography. April did a fantastic job of capturing so  many special moments on Melinda and Will's big day.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wedding Gowns 101

Most brides will agree that shopping for a wedding gown is a very fun and exciting experience. However, it can be a little overwhelming, especially when there are so many choices of fabrics and styles.. If you have ever picked up a wedding magazine or looked a wedding website, you have probably noticed that there is a lot of wedding gown jargon. Words like "trumpet", "mermaid", and "chiffon" are heavily sprinkled throughout these publications, describing the beautiful gowns that fill the pages.

Some brides will be familiar with these terms from an interest in fashion, having experience with girlfriends or family members being married, or they may  be that woman who has been planning her wedding dress since she was 5 years old. That being said, there are just as many brides who might be thinking "What does this stuff mean?!" Of course, it is not necessary to know the meaning of all these terms since a bridal consultant's job is to help you find the dress of your dreams but it may make you feel a little more comfortable about the process and give you a better idea what you might be looking for. Here, to demystify the dress shopping experience, we will describe some of the most popular dress styles and show what they look like.

Happy Shopping!

Fit and Flare, Trumpet, and Mermaid

These styles are all VERY similar and chances are, if you like one, you just may like the other two as well. They are all tight fitting through the bodice and then flare out at some point below the hips, the difference is where they flare out. Fit and Flare dresses are the most prevelant of the three because they have the smallest ratio of tight to flare, therefore you have the most range of movement in this style. This style remains tight through the mid-thigh and then the fabric flares out. Trumpet style is the middle ground out of theses styles and will flare out close to the knee. Mermaid has the longest portion of the dress fitting tightly with the fabric flaring out anywhere from just below the knee to as low as mid-calf.

Fit and Flare




A-line dresses are called so because they are shaped like a capital letter "A". The dress bodice fits tight through the natural waist line and then flares out into a full skirt. This style is not tight on the hips or legs.

A-Line Wedding Gown by Impression Bridal


Similar to the A-line, Ballroom style features a natural waist line and a full skirt. This skirt is the fullest when in comes to bridal gowns and often has many layers of lining and crinoline to create an even more full skirt silloutte. Think Cinderella!

Sweetheart Neckline

This is a popular style, especially in strapless gowns. The neckline, instead of going straight across, dips down in the center, creating a shape similar to the top of a heart.

Modified Sweetheart Neckline

Very similar to a Sweetheart neckline, this is just slightly different in that it has less of a plunge in the center. It is somewhere in between being Sweetheart and being a basic Straight Across neckline.

All of the gowns featured are by Impression Bridal. EvanGrace does not have samples of these particular gowns but we do carry Impression Bridal so if you are interested in seeing some other styles by them or any of our other lines, we would love for you to make an appointment or stop in during our business hours to shop!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Why Hire an Event Planner?

This, or....


As an event planner I often hear from my potential clients, “I don’t need a planner, I will take care of if myself.”   

The planning process of any event, especially a wedding is exciting and joyful.  So many special experiences, from choosing the perfect location, to tasting yummy cake, to watching your floral designer create the centerpieces of your dreams! After all these are chosen, the menu is set; the linens are the perfect shade of lavender, the wedding favors are created to make a lasting impression on your guests, then come just a few small, minor details….

Touch base with vendors and provide contact information; Confirm arrival and finish times, provide directions if required; Finalize seating charts and completion of place cards and table settings; Insure napkins and other accessories, as well as favors and gifts have arrived or are on schedule; Check on hotel accommodations for out of town guests and delivery of welcoming gifts, maps, event schedule, sights to see, etc; Coordinate with rehearsal site, rehearsal dinner menu, and any special dietary needs; Confirm centerpieces/decorations; Coordinate transportation limos, trolleys, etc.;  Rehearsal Dinner - oversee and supervise rehearsal from beginning to end; Review timing and processional order, ceremony positions, as well as recessional order;  Provide cues, timing or musical; Coordinate readings; Coordinate music and soloists; Answer any questions and give helpful reminders of roles and positions; Pre-Ceremony, Ceremony - maintain proper sequence and details; Greet all officiates and vendors; Check and/or set up any miscellaneous items/decorations (flowers, sign ins, aisle/pew bows, floor runners, gift boxes/tables, etc; Coordinate the bridal parties’ refreshments; Give bridal party and/or guest directions to ensure proper set-up; Coordinate pre-ceremony photo session; Distribute flowers to the wedding party; Check on rings, ring bearer pillows, flowers for flower girls/guys; Greet early arrivals and participants; Assist with guest flow, distribution of programs, usher’s duties and seating if necessary; Cue the music Cue the bridal party participants; Oversee photographer/videographer efforts; Direct guests to receiving line, couples’ send off, as well as reception location; Provide maps and details of parking facilities; Assist in transferring items from ceremony to reception; Inspect pre-reception area and coordinate with caterer/provider of appetizers and bar set up and timing; check seating arrangements (special access needs, children’s high chairs, etc.) and place cards; Check or set up decorations including guest book, flowers, favors, bathroom accessories, etc.; Check room layout and d├ęcor, table linens and designs, as well as numbers and/or centerpieces, personalized beverage napkins/candies; Set up anything transferred from ceremony to reception - gift box/gift table; Coordinate with all vendors (photographer, videographer, musicians, etc., and if applicable entertainers and security); Ensure each has everything they need (appropriate space, tables, power, etc).; Coordinate all announcements - wedding party's arrival, toasts, first dance, cutting the cake, etc.; Work with DJ or band leader to maintain flow of reception; Alerting bride and groom to each event; Coordinate sequencing of reception with hospitality vendors as to timing of wedding party program;  Coordinate meals for vendors; Review and settle accounts at end of evening; Pack up any leftovers at end of night and give to designated persons; Collect gifts and personal items at end of night and give to designated person…………

Those are a lot of details to keep track of!
In the midst of this, you are supposed to relax and enjoy the most important day of your life!  As a planner it is our responsibility to insure all these tasks are taken care of, allowing you and your family to enjoy your day!  

Don’t think you can afford a planner?  Call us today, you will be pleasantly surprised!  Your friends and family will thank you as well!


A testimonial from our bride Melinda…..

To my amazing Wedding Planner Stacie and all her wonderful assistants, I didn't want to bother you today and hoped that you got some rest after all of your hard work. Words do not truly express how wonderful and amazing you made my special day. Thank you everything!!!! You are the best ever and I could have never had such a true fairy tale wedding without you. It's funny how people get put in our lives...please know that are not only thought of as my amazing wedding planner but as a special friend.

Love ya, Melinda

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bridesmaids Dresses: Choices, Choices!

When planning your wedding, one of the earliest decisions you will probably make is choosing bridesmaids. These women  are special people in your life; sisters, best friends, cousins, and others who are important enough to you that you want to include them in your special day. That being said, what will you make them wear as bridesmaids?! For decades, these dresses were notoriously dreaded ensembles but in recent years, designers have been coming out with increasingly better dresses for bridesmaids. Gone are the poufy sleeves and stiff fabrics that were given to Goodwill or thrown in the back of the closet, never to be worn again. They have been replaced with flattering sillouettes and fabrics available in almost every color of the rainbow.

Brides today have a lot of better options for bridesmaids dresses. With so many choices, some brides are straying from tradition and trying out some interesting ideas for dresses, some further from tradition than others!

Below are some examples... what do you think? Are these non-matching bridesmaids dresses a 'don't' or a 'do' for the day you say "I do."?

Same Color, Different Dress

Same Color, Different Shades

Color Familiy Dresses

Printed Dresses

Ombre Dresses