Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fun and Easy Wedding Decor DIY Ideas

When it comes to wedding planning, there are 2 very different kinds of brides.

 You have the bride  who knows her style, likes and dislikes, and the general theme she is trying to achieve but prefers to leave the specific decor and detailing to planners, stylists, florists, and the like. These woman have a creative vision but they would like to focus on other details of the wedding than actually choosing or crafting small decor touches. They are more BIG PICTURE brides.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have the bride who knows her style and just what she wants to do to portray that style. She may hire a planner or florist but she still wants to play a hands-on role in the planning process. This kind of bride is interested in designing and crafting every small detail of her wedding and reception. From a custom flower girl basket to handmade table numbers, she has a vision! These women are more DETAIL brides.

Which category do you think you lean closer towards? Most often, we see brides who are a mix of BOTH. Like many things in the wedding world, there isn't just a black and a white, but a huge gray area where most things tend to fit in.  That is what makes working with brides so fun!

So, regardless of your being more of a BIG PICTURE or DETAIL bride, you are most likely interested in having a stunning final product for your wedding day. That being said, here are some fun (and EASY!) DIY ideas to easily incorporate into your big day decor. And hey, no one ever said you couldn't pass these ideas on to a planner, bridesmaid, mother, or friend to help you out! (hint, hint...)

1. Signature Drinks

Signature drinks are a fun and tasty way to personalize your wedding! It is super easy to create a nice display to grab the attention of your thirsty guests. Use Microsoft Word to create a description of the drink and list the ingredients. Play around with different fonts, spacing, italics, etc. to find something to match your style. Wedding Chicks is a  wonderful  tool to use for this because they offer FREE custom monograms that you can insert into your document. Below is an example. 

Just print out on a good quality ivory card stock and put in an antique or vintage style frame. 

2. Seating Chart and Escort Card Displays

It can't get any easier than this. If you can find an old chalkboard, snag it! If not, find an old frame at the antique store, or even in you parents' attic, and use a few coats chalkboard paint (available at any hardware store) on a thin piece of wood to go in the center. Use chalk to write out table numbers and guests and place on a cute easel at your reception. 

For individual place cards, choose three nice card stocks, on for the backing,one on which to print the text, and one for your die-cut design. The backing paper can have a print but the other should be solid color. Choose a simple and easy-to-read font and print out each guests names. You can make a template on most newer versions of Microsoft Word to create a template with 8 rectangles on a standard 8.5" x 11" sheet. Cut rectangles a little larger than twice the height of the name cards. Fold the card stock in half hamburger style a and use a good quality glue stick to past the name card onto the front center. Now for the fun part! Choose a fun die-cut (available at Michael's, AC Moore, Hobby Lobby, or any similar craft store) that fits your theme. Use the die-cut to punch out one design for each place card from  a contrasting card stock print. Finally, glue the die-cuts onto the name tents.

3. Centerpieces

Table set ups are a big component of your wedding reception decor. Linens and florals can also be pricey so if you are on a budget, it is good to have some tricks up your sleeve to pad out your decor!  Buy some small clear glass vases. You can usually find these at a dollar store, a craft store, or even some thrift stores. Go to the farmers market and buy a few dozen Gerbera daisies, cut the stems very short, place in the vases to float on about 2" of water, and voila! 

These are great for an elegant evening wedding! Buy 1 or 2 dozen roses in a color that matches your decor. Remove the petals. Fill several glass cylinder vases with water. For interest, you can vary the water levels. Add a small handful of petals. Place a white floating candle on top. Wait until shortly before guests arrive to light the candles. 

Happy DIYing!