Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"Where's My Child?"

We can all ask our parents and know that children are a huge handful in most situations and unfortunately in important events it doesn't change! You take a huge risk in giving a young child an important task in such events but most of the time it's completely worth it! Before you make a decision on using children in your wedding or in any of other situation think about these few things! 

Number 1. Would you be okay if things didn't go EXACTLY according to plan?
Most hosts or brides (especially brides) want everything to go exactly according to plan. That is completely understandable but when you have children involved things could change especially when you have a flower girl and a ring bearer. Most children don't want to stand that long during the ceremony. Some can't be away from their parents. We even had one ceremony where the little one was losing his tooth and went to the bathroom while the ceremony was starting! Little things like this happen all the time and you should prepare yourself for it if you want to use the little guys! 

Number 2. Silly kids can end up taking some Silly pictures!
This does not always occur but sometimes you just can't get the kids to stop making a silly face in the pictures. With photography being as expensive as it is, you might want to make sure the kids can straighten up for a little while and take some nice pictures with beautiful smiles! 

Number 3. It's a great way to incorporate family!
In some cases you are really close with some of your family members than others and this is a great way to use more of your family or close friends in the wedding! Other times families might not have as many children to choose from so it's a easy decision! You definitely do not have to have a flower girl or a ring bearer but it is a nice touch! 

Number 4. It makes for great memories!
You might have a kid in your family who is a complete ham! Pictures of these moments especially at your reception will be great! If they have a favorite dance they get really into it and puts smiles on everyones faces! All of your guests will remember that moment and it will bring back sweet memories of your day! 

Just think about these things before you make your decision! There are other ways that you can incorporate the children without having them in the ceremony! If you do use them you are GUARANTEED a great time! :) 

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