Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Finding The Right Vendors For YOU!

As a first time buyer it is  hard to know if the vendors you are choosing for your wedding day are the ones that will create your VISION.  It may end up fabulous, but you could be spending more than needed and getting less. Below is a list of critical questions to ask your caterer, floral designer, cake designer, and DJ or Band.
1.  How Many Weddings Do You Book In A Weekend?
  • This answer will change with your vendor depending on their services and size. If your floral designer or caterer has a team of thirty and does ten weddings in one day, you should be weary. Make sure that your primary contact with the vendor is assigned to your wedding.  It is important to make sure that you have complete trust and security in the design of your flowers and food. You need the correct amount of staff to complete the full picture. You are quality not quantity!

2. How Do You Price Your Service?
  • Does your photographer have packages based on the hours, 4, 6 or 8?  When do you want those hours to begin? How many photographers will be onsite during the day?  Make a list of exactly what you are looking for in services for every vendor. You want to get what you are looking for without all of the extras. Many vendors will have a la carte options! 

3. What Other Services Do You Provide?
  • Your caterer may provide linen rentals, or your cake designer creates candy buffets. Some photographers handle  Save The Dates as a part of your engagement picture package. Explore all of your possibilities and gather information. If you are on a set budget, this is a great way to find alternative options.

4. How Much Time Do You Need To Set Up and Tear Down?
  • This is a logistical question for ALL your vendors!  It is important to make sure that all of your vendors are able to set up in the time allotted by your church or venue. Another aspect with rentals is set up and tear down time. Many rental companies only deliver on weekdays or have a extra fee for weekend deliveries. Check with your venue and vendors on their policies for set ups and tear downs.

5. Where Are Your References?
  • The most influential people during your decision making process are former clients and peers of vendors within the industry. Research websites such as WeddingWire, The Knot, and ask them for a list of venues they have worked with in the past.  Your research will prove valuable, disclosing any warning signs of inconsistencies, unprofessionalism, or failure to meet expectations. Former clients will provide insight as to their satisfaction level of services rendered. Research, Research, Research!!!!

6. Service Charges, Fees and Taxes!
  • $30.00 a person for your catering is a great deal!!!  If you have 150 guests total catering is $4,500, right? Hold tight.  Catering will include an additional line item for your budget, the industry, this is the ++.  This ++ is the service fee, plus taxes.  These fees cover the staff, clean up, setup and applicable taxes.  With standard 20% service charge and 7.5% tax, the total catering is actually $5,805.

Every wedding vendor wants to make you happy and comfortable with their services and products. It is their mission to create be an important part of ensuring you have the perfect day! Find the right vendors to fit your personality, your pocketbook and  YOUR vision.

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