Friday, October 4, 2013

Guest Book Alternatives: Written Off The Pages!

Guest books are one of the most important things for a wedding! You always want to know who helped celebrate your special day but just a book can get rather boring and worn out. Here are some unique ideas for guests book that are far from boring!

This is a personal favorite of ours here at Evan Grace! Everyone loves a good game of Jenga so why not remember your wedding day and all who shared it with you AT THE SAME TIME! Each guest signs a Jenga piece! This obviously makes for a cute ring picture too! 

A photo book is becoming more popular with each wedding that we do! Each guest gets into a photo booth and has their picture made and each guest gets a copy and then the other copy goes into a book where you sign beside your picture! These pictures are always a nice touch because you can always tell your guests were having a great time! Our last wedding we did the bride and her mother influenced us to join them in there and the pictures were priceless! 

We have actually done this for a wedding as well! This is a canvas that can be made into a hanging picture after everyone has signed it. This is more of a guest book that could be displayed in your house after all of the wedding festivities are over! 

I actually LOVE this idea! This is a dictionary! What happens is each guest picks a word that they think describes the couple, circles, arrows, or high lights it and then signs there! This could get pretty risky though so be aware of your guests and how they would handle it! 

Puzzle pieces are fun too! This can be really cute if you make the puzzle pieces into an actual picture! You can use one of your engagement pictures and blow it up and make it into a puzzle! 

Finger prints are always a fun guest book especially if you have children involved or invited to the wedding! If you signed with your finger print the couple would know exactly whose print it was! Below are multiple different versions of this book and they are all AWESOME! 

This is just a different version of a photo book! You have to be careful with this one though to make sure you don't miss anyone!!! 

This is a display guest book as well! It's a shadow box! Every guest signs a little wooden heart or whatever shape you choose and drops it in! 

This is a great way to remember everyone that was at your wedding but also to get everyone's birthday's down! I know I have a hard time remembering birthdays so this is a great way to get everyone's at one time! 

The globe is really fun! Your guest could pick out wherever they wanted to sign and hopefully the world would fill up with love! :) 

We hope you choose something AWESOME as your guest book! :) Bring Originality! 

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