Friday, September 13, 2013

The Peveich Wedding! Photographed by Katy Cook!

Welcome to Belmont Abbey! 

Poppies out of Concord, NC put together this beautiful bouquet! Poppies always does amazing work which is why they are one of our preferred vendors! They really personalized this beautiful bridal bouquet! :)

This was such a good idea to showcase the rings! I love this shot! 

Less is more! This bride kept the aisles free of decorations! Everyone's eyes were on her, just how it should be! 

Exiting the church as a happy newlywed couple! Katy Cook captured this moment perfectly! 

The reception was located at Byron's South End with Best Impressions Catering! It's a beautiful space and with the right decor it turns into something magical and this bride knew exactly what to do! 

White hydrangeas and branches were used for the centerpieces! Everything was kept simple and elegant and it really expanded the space!

Owls were the theme of this wedding so owls were everywhere! If you notice there are owls on each seating card and there are little white owls around the centerpieces! EvanGrace made each seating card and put together the table labels as well! Those cute little love owls on the seating cards were specially designed for the couple by Sweetest Beginnings. Our lovely bride gave every table a different love story couple like Romeo and Juliet, Gatsby and Daisy, and many more!

The bridal parties table was set up a little differently! Small bundles of hydrangeas were used for centerpieces which were also provided by Poppies! This is such a neat way to photograph the table! Katy does some fantastic work!  

A guest book is always a must! Instead of using a book they wanted a canvas! Sweetest Beginnings put this canvas together with a tree and an owl couple sitting on a branch along with Megan and Michael's name and wedding date! This is just a little more personalized than a book! 

Now time for some dancing! This picture speaks for itself. This was a beautiful moment captured during the Father Daughter dance. 

This groomsman and his lady seem to be having a great time! Virtual Sounds brings the party! You are guaranteed your guests will be dancing with these guys!

If dancing wasn't your style corn hole was there too! 

Weddings should be fun! Megan and Michael definitely knew how to throw a great party! We wish the newlyweds a long a happy marriage! Congrats Megan and Michael Peveich! :D

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