Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What Does it Really Cost??? Part 4

These last two wedding planning areas can be very easy to decide or can be a difficult task . Your choice of photographer and wedding favors for your guests can make or break your budget depending on who or what you want.
Picking who you want to capture all your moments at your wedding is a big decision. You have to decide on how their pictures come out, if they will be available for your big day, and how much it will cost you. Most photographers have packages that depend on how long they are going to be at your wedding and what will come with your pictures once your wedding is over. Depending on your photographer, your prices can range from $1,000-$7,000. Packages can range from having one photographer or two, 6 hours of footage to 10 hours, photo CD's, photo books of all your pictures, and prints for family members to have. Having a cheap photographer is not always better. You want quality prints since this is going to be the thing you look back on when you are older.

Wedding favors have shifted towards an edible product or something the guest can use again. No one wants to go to a wedding and receive a favor that they cannot use or that they will throw away. More and more couples have been getting favors that their guest can enjoy at the reception and even after. Edible favors are becoming a big thing for newlyweds. Having a candy buffet or a s'mores station allows your guests to have something to take home or to have at your reception. This is very reasonable if you find the right place. For a candy buffet, to have 5 different kinds of candy, ¼ pound for every guest, goody bags to put the candy in, and set up and breakdown can start off a little under $500.
Another kind of favor that is becoming big is giving your guests a koozie along with their alcoholic beverages. This gift can be reused over and over again and is very practical. Koozies can start at $.50 and can cost $200-$300 depending on how many guest you will be having and what you put on them. Favors can be anything you want but if you want your guest to not throw them away as soon as they get home then keep in mind that edible favors or reusable favors might be the way to go.

Picking these two are about cost but also about the quality. Remember that you do want to save money but want to be happy at the same time with the end product. Planning a wedding is very  costly but if you find the right vendors and products you can get a wonderful wedding for the right price.

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