Thursday, March 28, 2013

Oh HONEY! MOON Over These...

The Affordable Honeymoon.

Let's get real.... After you have planned and experienced the biggest and most splendid day of your life you want to continue with that feeling into your honeymoon. However, you've just spent a pretty penny and are not too excited any more about that over the top trip you have ahead where you will be dropping a good buck every day. You still want the experience without the price, right? Well, FEAR NOT! Here are a few places to look into with travelling for your honeymoon.

You want Hawaii? Think Honolulu!

This beautiful island is centered on sterling blue beaches and low prices! If you stay away from the tourist spots and follow the locals, you could experience something wonderful that will stick with you forever. No passport required, participate in some hot yoga by the sea, sip on the the local Oeno wine, go whale watching, and so much more for a bargain!

Thinking of Crossing the Atlantic? Let's talk about the Balkan Peninsula.

I'm talking about Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, etc. Think I'm kidding? This area has one of the most flavored histories and is also surprisingly gorgeous!
Where to begin!


Of course you know of the wondrous Turkish Baths! Who wouldn't want to run into the famous folk and belly dancing! Why not explore the rich country or the historical inner city!

How about my winter wedding? Where should I go?


The flight will be the biggest expense you have on this trip. But once you get there, you will be wowed by the culture and excitement of the night!Just around November, India's northern region has cooled down and you can enjoy the TOP spots like the Pink City and the Taj Mahal without the heat!

No matter where you go, it is going to be the time of your life but it's always nice to not have to worry about how much money is slipping from your pocket.

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