Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine Fever!

             Love is in the air and proposals are blooming! What better way to propose than an all out February blow out. Everyone always makes fun of the over the top and cheesy proposal you see in the movies, but sometimes that’s just what is needed. Valentine’s Day is a great day to plan something amazing and unique just for her. Here are some fun ideas that you can think of when planning to pop the big one;

The Nesting Proposal

              Most ladies have sat their man down and made them watch the wonderfully romantic “Serendipity”. Even though Jon stole Sara away by the end, it was quite an ingenious proposal. Here’s how to match it. We like to call it “The Nesting Proposal”. It resembles the Russian Nesting Dolls pattern where you beginning with a large box and as it is opened there are smaller and smaller boxes inside.  Inside the smallest box is the ring box. Nifty right?!

 Flash Mob Proposal

                I’m sure you’ve seen one of these. The popularity of flash mob proposals has jumped in the last year and is great for a public display of your love and creates wonderful memories. You don’t have to be an amazing dancer or have friends who are. There are even groups online that will come help you for free just because they love what they do. This kind of proposal takes a lot of planning and practicing. Also be aware that if you are planning it near local businesses to let them know as a curtsey.

The Media Proposal

               There are so many ways to use the media in a fun and creative way to propose. Just to throw some ideas out there; Skywriting and flying banners are great but you have to be in the right place at the right time. Take out an advertisement in the local newspaper or magazine that she usually reads. This is one of my personal favorites, plan to have a movie date and make a video proposal that is put into the commercials before the screening of the film. Just make sure you get there on time! Stadium proposals have been around forever but they still work wonders! Last but not least, the billboard proposals are such a great surprise. You can even talk to local business about sharing the space to help pay. All of these are great surprising ways to pop  the question!

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