Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What Wedding Gown Shape Will Look Best on YOUR Body?

Working in a bridal shop, I often hear brides say things like "I want to hide my big hips (or butt, or waistline, bustline, etc)" or "I want to show off my waistline (or hips, butt, bustline, etc.)". For that reason, we have compiled a list of body types and tips for dresses to flatter. Regardless of your body type and what you are wanting to hide or showcase, there is a dress that will suit your body and you will love!


Apple Shaped

If you have a large frame  with a full  bottom and hips as well as a fuller torso with little waist definition then you would be considered  an apple shape. Styles that create and elongated sillouette with high waistlines and skirts that flow away from the body will be best for you.

Tip: A corset back will help create a tighter bodice with a proportioned sillouette.

Hourglass Shaped

Those with an hourglass figure have shoulders and hips about the same width with a well-defined waist in the middle. Since you have such a well proportioned body, take advantage of it when choosing your wedding gown! Styles that show off your defined waistline and curvy figure are the way to go. Choose an embellished gown that hugs your close to your waist and accentuates your shape.

Inverted Triangle Shaped

Triangle shaped women have broader shoulders with narrower hips. It may feel like instinct to try and cover your shoulders but don't! This will make them appear wider than they actually are. Instead, show them off. The eyes of those seeing you in your gown will be drawn inward, making your waist look more narrow. As for the skirt, go for texture and fullness to help balance out your upper half.

Rectangle Shaped

Those with shoulders and waist of a similar width but with no much definition in the waistline are considered to be rectangle shaped. If this sounds like you, try adding the illusion of curves to your body with your wedding gown style. Ruching and detailing in the bodice will help achieve a curvier look.

Tip: Try a beaded belt or sash around the natural waistline to really play up your figure.

Pear Shaped

Pear shaped women have fuller hips, thighs, and bottom but a slim upper half. You will want to accentuate your top half with a tight fitting bodice that loosely flows into the skirt. You can also choose some type of sleeve or detailing at the shoulder to balance out the top with the skirt.

Small Bust Shaped

A small bust is considered anything below an "A" cup size. To create the illusion of a fuller bust line, choose a rouched or embellished bodice. A fitted bodice with a fuller skirt will also add to the shape of your body.

Large Bust Shaped

A large bust is considered anything above a "C" cup. Larger busted women women may want to de-emphasize their bust to balance out the the body shape. If this sounds like you, try styles with a more open neckline that will draw the attention upward toward your face and hair instead of toward the bustline itself. This includes square necklines, v-neck styles, and off-the-shoulder looks.

*All dresses pictured are from Impression Bridal.

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