Saturday, June 30, 2012

Four Wedding Favors Your Guests Will LOVE! (...And Actually Use)

As wedding planners, we have mixed feelings about favors. They can sometimes be costly and use up too much of your budget or be more time-consuming than they are worth. We would hate for a bride, her planners, or family and friends, to work so hard on something only to have guests leave it at the reception or take it home and throw it away. Choose a favor that reflects yourself and your fiance but make it something your guests will appreciate as well. Elaborate packaging with layers of tissue paper and cellophane is not necessary. The key is to keep it small and keep it simple.

1. Edibles
Edibles are a great choice for a favor because everyone likes eating! Depending on your budget, you can go small with candies or more elaborate with a cake or desert To-Go style. Personalizing these treats with your initials or wedding date can be done but it is not necessary if you want to skip that step.


2. Plants
What's a better way to symbolize your growth and union to the one you love than with a plant favor! You'd be surpirsed how many people love these quirky and fun little gifts. There are so many ways to utilize plants as a gift through ideas such as; seed papers, potted ferns, flower pieces, and so many more. This sort of favor is wonderful for outside or spring weddings to lighten up an already bright celebration.

3. Local Flare

Are you getting married somewhere with a unique theme like an orchard or a vineyard? What about a town known for delicious barbecue, the best jams, or one-of-a-kind maple syrup? Guests will love to take home a piece of the local flavor, whether they are visiting just for the wedding or even if they live down the road. Local flare can include apples, wine, honeys, jams, spices, barbecue and other sauces, or just about anything else that is popular in the town where you are married. It will be a nice opportunity for your guests to look back on all the fun they had at your wedding as they pour that Vermont Maple Syrup on their pancakes, or use that secret barbecue rub at their next backyard cookout.                                                  

4. Beverages To Go

Treat your thirty guest to a tempting beverage. Guests love free drinks of all kinds from; soda to lemonade, to beer and wine. Whether you choice a personalized pop drink or an elegant bottle of your favorite wine, your guests will be merry in the memory of your day and this fun favor.

Bonus: Iced soda or lemonade will keep your family and friends happy and cool for an outdoor wedding.


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