Thursday, May 30, 2013

What Does it Really Cost??? Part 1

As more and more people are getting engaged and planning their weddings, there are many aspects where couples exceed their budget. Finding a very similar or almost identical product for a much lower price is much easier than you think!

Even though most women do not get to pick out their engagement ring, there are a few women who get the option to pick out what they want. Your man might not know the difference in styles or cuts but he does notice the price. Many rings are more pricey for a big diamond with a simple band while some may look over the top and pricey when they very reasonable. The images below show the difference in prices in rings with similar looks but with a different carat size.  

The ring on the left looks very pricey but it is actual $1,150 and ½ carat, 14K white gold. While the ring on the right is 14K white gold, 2 1/6 carat cushion-cut engagement ring and looks very similar to the 14K white gold on the left but this ring is $7,690.

While the ring on the left is a simple 14K gold band with a 1 carat for $1,779, the 1 carat, 14K gold ring on the right looks exactly the same but cost $6,500. The only difference is the brand of the ring. Having a name brand ring adds to the cost and increased this rings cost by almost $5,000.


Rose gold is becoming more popular and the left ring is a ¾ carat 14K rose gold and is priced at  $1,990. The ring on the right is 14K rose gold 1 5/8 carat with a chocolate diamond and is more elaborate than our right rose gold ring. This ring has almost a carat more which makes the total cost $8,900 and is $7,000 more than the one on the left.

The engagement ring is the first step in planing your wedding while the next step can be different for every bride and her fiancĂ©. Most brides start to look at wedding dress as their next step.  Just like the rings we looked at, many brides can find their dream dress for an inexpensive price with a desinger look but not at the designer price. Let’s look at the difference between big name designers and dresses that look alike but for much less. 


The dress on the left is a Dennis Basso while the dress on the right is very similar in style. The Dennis Basso dress is $5,000 while the dress on the right is only $970. The difference is very minimal and can save a bride a great deal who is sticking to a tight budget.

The dress on the left is a Lazaro sweetheart ball gown with a jeweled embellishment for $5,000. The dress to the right is Da Vinci and is only $970 and has similar style with less embellishment but will save a bride around $4,000 and can help you stay on your budget.

These charmuse dresses are a perfect fit for any bride that wants a lighter, softer dress on their big day. The dress on the left is a Dina Davos sweetheart A-line for $3,000 while the right dress is the same material but is only $670 by Da Vinci.

 As you make those big decisions for your wedding day just remember you can always find a similar product for a lower price. You just have to look in the right place to get the bargain you want!

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