Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Corporate Events: More Than Just a Cocktail Party!

If you work in an office or corporate setting, chances are you have attended some kind of team building day or office party. These kinds of events can be a great time to interact with coworkers in a more casual setting. They can also have a reputation for being not-so-fun. That doesn't have to be the way of it! With these out-of-the box or even traditional but spruced up ideas, corporate events can be something to look forward to.

White Water Rafting Day
Whitewater Rafting
If you live in Charlotte, NC or the surrounding areas, you are lucky to be fairly close to the US National Whitewater Center, home to whitewater rafting, whitewater kayaking, flat water kayaking and more! This is no standard business luncheon. Employees will be thrilled (and motivated!) by the opportunity to get out of the office and into the water. There are plenty of activities that vary in difficulty so if you have any employees who are not physically able to participate or maybe just are not interested in more extreme activities, they can enjoy walking trails, viewing areas to watch the rafting up close, or just taking in the beauty of nature. The center also has event space and a bar and grill restaurant so you can enjoy refreshments after a fun day in the sun. 

Company Sports League and Banquet

Why have just a few events over the year when you can gain stronger bonds with coworkers for a whole sporting season? This is a FUN way to get the whole office involved whether you choose softball, bowling, or another sport that most people can play. Not only will employees be interacting with each other, the exercise is always a great way to blow off steam, especially from work-related stress, plus healthier usually equates to happier and that can never hurt in the work place! Throw a big bash at the end of the season just like the sports teams you remember from high school to reflect on all the fun and hard work your team has put into the game. You can even give out awards like MVP, Most Improved, Miss and Mister Congeniality, Best Cheerleader, etc. to boost morale.

Casino Night

If your office prefers to have an event in the evening rather than during the day, you can still spice things up to give your employees more than the tradition cocktails and canape trays. Try a fun theme like Casino Night, complete with games, decor, and themed food and beverages. Instead of throwing real money in the mix, employees can play with chips for prizes such as gift certificates to local restaurants or attractions, spa packages, or even a free PTO day! 

Picnic Day

It may not be a brand new idea but everyone loves a good picnic! This is especially true for employees whose job keeps them indoors for the majority of the day. Choose a park or outdoor area with either covered pavilions for events or plenty of trees to provide shade, especially during the summer months. Lakes or ponds are always a plus too! Having the lunch catered is sometimes a better option than a potluck for quality control, plus you want the employees to feel like this is a treat, not a chore. Stick to foods that are simple and fun as opposed to a fancier gourmet menu for this kind of event. Pulled pork, hamburgers and hotdogs, and barbecued chicken are all good choices. If you want to go all out, hire an icecream or italian ice truck to serve out some cold treats for dessert!
After lunch, employees can enjoy a game of basketball, volleyball, frisbee, or other activities, depending on what the park has to offer. 


  1. Exactly, a corporate event should have lot more than a cocktail party to add more fun and entertainment so that each and everyone enjoy it fully.

  2. You've included everything in this corporate hospitality event like White Water Rafting + Company Sports + Casino + Picnic. Wow, everything a corporate event needs, I'm both shocked and amazed.